What we offer

Our restaurant venue is optimal for events such as the birthday party of the year, teambuilding conferences or association activities.
Franses has a capacity to accommodate over 150 guests and 80 seating guests on the ground floor. 
During good weather conditions the outdoor areas are also open and available.

We can help you to provide and organize your event, whether it concerns detailed planning or only renting the restaurant venue. We can also offer customized package solutions for all sorts of events such as live music, different types of beverage tastings, boat trips and overnight stays.


 Upon request, we also offer catering at the desired location. 
Random selection of arrangements: 
-       Conferences
-       Boat trips 
-       Parties
-       Wedding
-       Christmas Smorgasbord
-       Live music
-       Differents sorts of food and beverage tastings
-       Transports
-       Experience packages
-       Catering
-       Accommodation
Contact us to start planning your event.

With us, everything is possible! 

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