About us & Our story

With the ocean as the nearest neighbor, you will find the old business where men tied and knotted fishing nets for the fishermen working hard out at sea. In the historic environment with the scent of tar, it is understood that the room for many years was housed by harbour workers and the graining in the wooden floorboards witnesses the hard work that was done here. The fisherman’s workplace is now a place for socializing, philosophize and have interesting conversations. With the crackling sound from the fireplace and the ocean view, you can enjoy a well-cooked dish in an atmosphere which breathes the history within the walls. 

The fishing net business was run by Frans Hansson who named it to Franses. Out on the islands in the Swedish archipelago there’s a tendency to name businesses and different sorts of activities by name and adding ES at the end, therefore Franses. When the family Grönlund bought the property from Frans they kept the name and the rustic environment, turning it to a restaurant. For many years it was run by Göran Grönlund who made Franses to the familiar pub down by Hönö docks.

And then Emma & Emma came into the picture. Since a few years back Emma & Emma have been running Franses, the restaurant which always been close to the hearts of all residents out on the islands. Emma & Emma have long experience withing the restaurant industry both in Sweden and internationally. Having Franses the archipelago pub and restaurant, Emma & Emma want their guests to feel at home. But at the same time they also want the city dwellers to see what they’re up for out on the islands!

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